Brand Partnerships

What is it?

COOL HUNTING Omakase leverages our access and taste to deliver a collection of never-seen-before, limited edition, not-yet-available or collaboratively designed gifts that are exclusive to COOL HUNTING. The Omakase is delivered in early November, allowing our clientele to purchase additional items in time for holiday gifting.

It comes in three levels: $1,000 / $10,000 / $100,000. The higher levels have a more personal touch and the top tier puts the COOL HUNTING team at our client's service to help craft one-of-a-kind products and experiences.

Who is it for?

Our clientele is creative, connected and savvy. They’re highly educated, earn and spend accordingly. They think early adopters are late to the game.


To get your product in the box it must be:
‣ A new product not publicly available until January 2018
‣ An edition/variant on an existing product collaboratively designed with COOL HUNTING
‣ A new product commissioned and collaboratively designed with COOL HUNTING

Product is provided by brands in exchange for inclusion in the program, and title sponsorship is available. 


Your brand will be present in the most interesting and coveted gift box of the holiday season. Each product comes with a story celebrating its uniqueness. You will be alongside up-and-coming designers and big brand innovators. Your presence in the box will be teased out in the summer and fall and your product will be published on COOL HUNTING in November and promoted through press and social channels.