Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why So Early? - We are comissioning artists and designers to make many of the things for Omakase and need enough lead time to get everything made.
  2. How Many Things? - There will be 5 - 12 items in your box, depending on whether you prefer more things of lower value or fewer things of higher value. 
  3. Shipping - Boxes will be shipped in early November. Shipping fees are included in the purchase price for clients receiving boxes in the US. For international deliveries, the shipping and handling fee will be listed at check-out.
  4. International Orders - International deliveries may incur additional customs fees, duties or tariffs which are outside our control. Please be aware of and accept these possible additional fees.
  5. Group Orders / Corporate Gifting - We welcome group orders and are happy to work with your corporate gifting team. Please contact us to discuss further.
  6. Sales Tax - Clients in New York state and New York City will be required to pay sales tax.
  7. Returns - All sales are final and we can not accept returns or exchanges in most cases. Of course, any loss or damage during shipping will be replaced or refunded.
  8. WTF is "Omakase" - Omakase (おまかせ) is a Japanese term that translates to "leave it to..." the expert in context. It's most often used at a sushi restaurant to say "chef's choice." And no, not everything in the box will be Japanese.