How Omakase works

1. You order Omakase

You can order Omakase as a gift to yourself. You can order Omakase as a gift for a very lucky friend. Or you can order Omakase and give each thing in the box to someone different. 

2. We get to know you

We follow-up every purchase with a brief questionnaire to help us figure out which of the awesome products we’re making will be right for you or your box recipient. At the higher tiers we do even more research to plan the right gifts.

3. Our partners make awesome gifts

From big brands you know to young designers you’ve never heard of, our partners are creating exclusive products just for our Omakase. We don’t want to give away too much, but you can expect things from all our core categories: design, travel, art, technology, food and style.

4. We decide which things should be in your box

Given your survey results and any communication with us, we will create your Omakase. While some items may be in most Omakase boxes, we are commissioning many items in limited quantities and you will not be receiving one of every item we are creating. Some are reserved for Omakase at the higher price levels. Rest assured, though, your Omakase will include amazing things that you can only get from us, and the value of the items in your Omakase will meet or exceed its cost.

5. You receive the best stuff ever

The Omakase arrives several months after your order, but it's worth the wait!



When do I order?
When do I get it?

Omakase is delivered several months after the order period ends. Why buy so early? Given the number of custom products involved and the limited quantities available of other items we need to secure commitments well ahead of time.


why are you doing this?

Since 2003 COOL HUNTING has created original content that inspires the creative and the curious. Our audience comes to us to discover new things and buys the stuff we write about. We’ve collaboratively designed dozens of products over the years and our gift guides have become an invaluable tool for those who want to gift special things. Launched in 2016, COOL HUNTING Omakase brings this all together in one tidy package.